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Mylene Domingo – Mejia was a former call center agent and a former Bar B Q vendor at Bonifacio st Davao city. She studied in private schools both high school (Philippine Women’s College – PWC) and college (University of Mindanao Main – UM) but due to hardships and difficulties, she was not able to pursue her dream job or career.

Instead, she tried so many types of opportunities involving REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, DIRECT SELLING, MLM and other more opportunities related to selling and does not require high educational attainment. She lives in a very humble home together with her ill MOM. She was a force to be the BREED WINNER of the family because of the early health issues of her mother.

She experienced so many trials, disappointments, and frustrations including not paying fares on Public Utility Jeeps and worst there was a time when can’t even buy food for the family. Encountered countless failures and challenges in life but manage to hold in faith and continue to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that there is DAY after NIGHT.

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Hoping and remained in FAITHm she continues to look for a source of income until she was hired as a call center agent. She was very glad and happy to have a stable JOB. she was thankful for the blessing she received during this time. Along the way, she realized something, that having a JOB cannot support her mother’s medications and families’ basic needs like house rent.

So while she was working, she decided to do a “SIDELINE” opportunity involving direct selling of “HAPLAS-HAPLAS”.

She was already contented during that time. Fear comes in as she did not entertain any opportunities because she is afraid to lose what she has.

It was November 2017 when she was FORCE to listen regarding the opportunity of RIWAY under the group of DIAMOND KNIGHTS.

She was not interested at all and in FACT very negative! She agree to meet Coach MVL (Michael Vincent Lorejo) at 8pm but she did not arrived. Although due to friendship and relationship she went to the meeting place (Green Coffee Marfori) at 12mn. Coach MVL was patient enough to wait for her. When the time they already started the meeting, she is still hesitant to listen and absurd what her friend was sharing.

After the meeting, they went home with her fiancee (Her husband today) and discuss regarding the meeting. they want to give themselves a chance but Mylene was still in FEAR and not interested.

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It took them 4 months to decide to work full time and join RIWAY under the umbrella of TEAM DIAMOND KNIGHTS headed by Coach MVL. Their Journey begun in March 2018 and up to this very day, they are still working hard and continue to inspire a new breed of leaders in Diamond Knights.

Her journey was not easy but very rewarding. For the first time in her life, she experiences to tour abroad (Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand) because of RIWAY and DIAMOND KNIGHTS, not only that she is now taking care of her MOM full time and living with her but she also achieved one of her dream cars together with her husband.

Mylene’s Inspiring story can also happen to you, Join us and be one us. we are not perfect but we assure you ti we know how to make things work and help you become successful in your career.

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